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The top two posts are the same post, we changed the URL to allow expansion of the post in to all csgo betting sites and not just 19. In hindsight we probably should have left the page at 19 because we did see a drop from first to third after this.

In the past few months we also got hit by a manual penalty, no we’ve not been doing anything dodgy. The manual action was for embedding images from imgur in to our posts, something new that Google have recently added to their guidelines that we were not aware of. This was fixed immediately but Google took a while to process the reconsideration request and therefore our rankings dropped more than they should have.

We did have one post that was bringing in a lot of traffic last year, our GTA V vehicles post. You could see every GTA V vehicle complete with stats in a nice table on this page and we did rank in the top three for searches regarding GTA V vehicles and cars. Unfortunately the big boys got involved in this and we got pushed out.


In this time we did rebrand from BaconCape to BC-GB which also impacted our rankings, we changed domain name from to, the 301 redirect does suck out some link juice from the redirect so now unfortunately isn’t as strong as was. But I think we can all agree BC-GB is a better name than BaconCape.

Where Does Our Traffic Come From?


This breakdown of where our traffic comes from clearly points out that social is a massive deal especially in the gaming industry, but you’ll never beat organic search. With the change from to we did adopt a little better social strategy. We’re now creating more content around CSGO which has a huge following on reddit and instead of just gaming news that doesn’t really have a big audience on reddit especially when you can’t be the fastest to a story or when you don’t have the connections within the gaming world to break stories.

Overall I think BC-GB is going pretty well, there’s not much time invested in to the website, a couple hours a day, and for the return it’s definitely worth it. We do make money from advertising both with external companies and Adsense, we make a lot more from the external companies than we do Adsense. But this isn’t anything to live off, just some good beer money!

Today I’m happy to announce that Custom Esports has launched. Custom Esports is the place to get your custom esports apparel from.

The Custom Esports ethos is to provide high quality clothing for esports teams and organisations while providing the best customer service possible.

I’ve found that in many other companies that sell custom esports clothing their customer service is shocking. For example, when I bought a set of five custom esports shirts for my esports team we weren’t given regular updates on the manufacturing process, the design wasn’t cleared with us before it was made, then when we got the shirts they were printing incorrectly. We had Adam on one side and Ivy on the other, clearly each side had not been stitched together correctly. When I confronted the company about their blunder I was ignored, given the cold shoulder and made to feel like I had been ripped off.

Well, Custom Esports aren’t going to do it that way. We’ll guide you through to process. It’s exciting getting new clothes especially when you’ve designed them, we want to amplify that excitement and share it with you. Any issues at all we have multiple ways in which you can contact us, a live chat, a ticket system, emails and we’re always happy to add you on steam!

So for your next custom esports clothing order consider using Custom Esports.

Reddit and Twitter, the two main places where people will express their opinions online within the eSports community have exploded at DreamHack Winter over an incident between Richard Lewis and Loda.

Richard Lewis is a journalist and figure in eSports, especially Counter Strike, who has helped grow, police and professionalise the scene. Loda is a professional Dota 2 player for Team Alliance.

The incident at DreamHack Winter involved Richard Lewis posting a joke on Twitter where he pictured a sign made by a fan on his hotel bed and said “Can someone tell the groupie I kicked out of bed this morning that she left her sign”. Loda then tweeted back “Ya Lets meet up and talk about it. Im at dh.” Richard Lewis replied “I’m easy enough to find dawg. I’ll be on stage. What you doing today?” to which Loda replied “Ill swing by ;)”.

Here’s the full Twitter conversation:

Pretty tame right?

Here’s a quick TL;DR from reddit, see Richard Lewis’ report here:

  1. RL posted this pic about hiko(a csgo player who got knocked out of DH)

    The important part is that it is Kelly’s sign, and RL implied she left it there after sleeping with him. by A-U-R-A)

    proud mom = kelly (not hikos Mom)

  2. Kelly (lodas girlfriend) answered on RL’s post
  3. Loda is searching for RL to talk about his post
  4. RL is looking forward to talk with him
  5. Loda found RL backstage
  6. RL claims that loda went aggressive on him

Well, when Loda went to meet Richard Lewis he got aggressive because he thought that RL meant that Loda’s girlfriend was the groupie at his hotel, even though the sign said “proud Mom”. RL was making a joke about Hiko’s Mom staying over at his hotel, something Hiko had no problems with as he knew it was a joke. Loda shoved his face in to Richard Lewis’ face, such as to say “come on then, let’s fight”, to which Richard Lewis retaliated by pushing Loda back, by the throat. As this was going on, the security did not intervene and just let this happen. Loda was not meant to be backstage and obviously was the instigator.

Both parties have apologised and the disagreement has been settled.

What I want to talk about is the community backlash that has been brought to light, the absolutely appalling behaviour by the Counter Strike and Dota communities. The day the news came out people were calling for Richard Lewis’ job and even Thoorins, someone who had nothing to do with the altercation.

The only way Thoorin is involved in this is he tweeted regarding the situation replying to what other professionals in the community were tweeting defending Richard Lewis.

Richard Lewis spent a good few hours retweeting the ludicrous tweets, threats and abuse he was receiving, which was far worse than the incident that happened in the first place. And this was only on Twitter, RL was also receiving abuse on a reddit post where the majority of comments were calling for his job, Thoorins job and the vast majority didn’t even mention Loda as the aggressor.

Why is the community so quick to call for RL’s job, Thoorin’s job? It seems like the community has some sort of vendetta against these two. Admittedly they can be a little edgy sometimes, but they have spent years and years, given up an incredible amount to stay in eSports, to provide impartial reports, to give top quality analysis and to help this community grow. I think that without RL and Thoorin (obviously they don’t get 100% of the credit but they’ve played a big part) we wouldn’t have the CSGO we do today. We’d still be a split community between 1.6 and CSS without any major money in the scene and with dwindling player numbers.

The biggest thing I want you to take away from this article is that you need to see things objectively, don’t just start sending death threats to someone because you have a vendetta against them. It’s okay to tweet “You fucked up”, but don’t scream for someone’s job because they defended themselves. Do you really want to ruin someone’s life and downgrade the quality of personnel willing to put their neck out for the community? No, you don’t. Think before you tweet. Stop the vendetta and let RL do his job.


Sean Gares, the former Cloud9 in game leader has stepped down with n0thing now calling for the North American team.

I think the best thing for Cloud9 to do is to try and keep Sean Gares within their brand. He has a large online following, 83.7k followers on Twitter at the time of writing this. There’s a few ways he could fit in to the brand currently. He could become a streamer, he is finally getting around to building his computer

So being a full time streamer is an option. But Cloud9 already have shroud, fREAKAZOiD and swag for that. Maybe he could become a behind the scenes guy, which might work.

I think the best option Cloud9 have with Sean Gares is to have him as an analyst alongside swag. Sure swag is already their analyst but we know Sean Gares is one of the hardest working CSGO pros currently and we know he’s an incredible ingame leader and tactician. He could even be brought in as an out of game leader, a caller from behind the team. Something like what G2 tried to do in the past. I’d really like to see this happen. Swag as analyst, stunna as manager and Sean Gares as caller from the sidelines. He can then focus on the tactical side of the game, he can focus on developing strategies with swag and he can champion this new style of play we haven’t seen done right in CSGO yet.

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